Photo of Lorenz Larkin by David Swayze

Website design Riverside

Today I decided to see how we ranked on Google. I searched Riverside web design and found us on page nine. That is dumb. I typed in Riverside website design and my company appeared on page four. That was slightly smarter than dumb, but… not by much. Searching website design Riverside displayed us on page five. Oops. Got worse again. And then I tried one more term: Web design Riverside. Pfft. It showed us on page seven.

Totally ridiculous.

Seriously. My business makes websites. It is in Riverside. I’d like it to rank better when I search those terms. So I got smart and made a page about where we are and what we do in hopes of helping us a little with our SEO.

I mean, really, I want you to find a Graphic Advantage! when you search for website design or development in this part of the Inland Empire. So if that’s what you did and that’s why you’re here, well, this page is rad!

And since I used a term that dates me, I’ll just go with it.

Three rad things about the websites we make:

  1. They look good on desktops, tablets, and phones.
  2. They work the way you and your customers expect.
  3. They’re made with WordPress.

Three rad things about Riverside

  1. UFC® Fighter Lorenz “The Monsoon” Larkin lives here.
  2. We got two castles: Benedict Castle and Castle Park.
  3. Food. Food. Food. Food. Food.

Finally, thanks to David Swayze for taking a bad-ass photograph of Lorenz.