I love SuperDuper

Backups are rad

So I’m working last night and I hear this repeating sound coming from Brian’s machine – one barely-audible click every 3.867 seconds or so. Wasn’t sure what it was and I didn’t feel like looking into it.

Probably didn’t matter by then, anyway…

A hard drive whispered and gave up
The drive failed so catastrophically that the computer wouldn’t even restart. Holding Option on boot didn’t work. Pressing C got me a folder with a question mark. I had to physically remove the drive from the machine to get it to run.

At this point you might be wondering if I am going to comment on lost files and hours of work. To put your mind (and mine) at ease, I have something else to say…

Thank goodness for SuperDuper. It’s been working so well that we kinda forgot it was there. I think I set it up in 2009.

Disaster averted. All files present. Happy Birthday to me.