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Twitch Rivals Web Page

We launched the Twitch Rivals web page today. This site looks small (it’s doesn’t even need a nav), but it’s a giant advance in tech for us. That last few days of the project saw us diving into GitHub, Jekyll, and Figma so we could collaborate directly with the Twitch marketing team.

The site makes content update easy. All Twitch Rivals events are pulled directly from the popular tournament organization website,, via GraphQL.

But enough about us – look at what Twitch is doing for streamers and viewers: 100+ events each year, an environment designed to promote hard-working entertainers, stacks of prize money as a reward, and endless hours of captivating, competitive gameplay.

What a great way to kick off 2019. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

The CAPCOM Pro Tour 2015 website is live and easy to update

You know, if you’re really good at Ultra Street Fighter 4, you can now play it and win enough prize money to buy a house.

That is… well… something I really like.

I’ve played video games since the seventies. My lead designer, Brian, is into them as well. Now, games are more than our entertainment. they fill our work days, too. Here’s a cool story about that.

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The 2014 CAPCOM Cup happens this weekend

If you’re into fighting games, especially Street Fighter IV, there’s something very cool going on Saturday at The Warfield in San Francisco! It’s the CAPCOM Cup: An annual fighting game tournament that’s the finale of a year-long professional tour.

Everyone who wants to see it live can buy tickets here. Otherwise, make sure to get together with friends and watch the broadcast on Twitch or right on the CAPCOM Cup website.

We’ve been doing cool things for CAPCOM the last few years (thanks to a referral from Alex Valle of level|up series) – the latest work being the Cup and CAPCOM Pro Tour websites. Here’s to many more.