Olive Branch Counseling Centers can now update their website

Think about the last time you needed to make changes to your own website. Chances are, you had to call your designer, make a request, wait, and pay. This process makes sense if you need a whole new page or section. However, there’s almost no reason to go through it when you only want to change a word or photo.

Olive Branch Counseling Centers wanted the ability to update their counselor list, biographies, and more. Their old site required the skills of a web designer to make changes like this. So they commissioned us to recreate their existing site in WordPress. Now, when they hire a new counselor and want to place them on their website, Olive Branch staff can simply log in, follow a few easy-to-understand steps, and click update.

As a bonus, their new site is responsive. It automatically and elegantly resizes to fit desktops, tablets, and phones.

If this sounds like something you’d like for your own website, please give us a call.