Celebrity Banner for Luciana Carro

Here’s the latest in our line of eye-catching display materials for celebrities. Always cool to work for people that give all they’ve got to entertain.

The banner above is for Luciana Carro, an actress known for her roles in Battlestar Galactica, Falling Skies, and Helix.

Be sure to meet her and pick up some autographed memorabilia at the Long Beach Comic Expo. It’s happening February 28th through March 1st. Look for her banner.

Great Minds Robotics® clothing is now available

We’ve been thinking about making shirts for Great Minds Robotics® since they opened in 2010. Back then, they didn’t have enough families enrolled to make for a big enough customer base. It made sense to wait.

Over the last five years, they’ve expanded to almost four times their original size (in both square feet and enrollment). So now, it looks like a good time to release a collection of designs.

Here’s the first one. Buy it on Teespring.

Great Minds Robotics® shirt number one

Shop the current collection in their Teespring store.

The CAPCOM Pro Tour 2015 website is live and easy to update

You know, if you’re really good at Ultra Street Fighter 4, you can now play it and win enough prize money to buy a house.

That is… well… something I really like.

I’ve played video games since the seventies. My lead designer, Brian, is into them as well. Now, games are more than our entertainment. they fill our work days, too. Here’s a cool story about that.

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Celebrity Banner for Lisa Marie Varon

We make a lot of eye-catching display materials for WWE and TNA Wrestlers that attend conventions. A lot of them come through our client, Steve Woolf, of the IPA Network.

This banner is for Lisa Marie Varon, formerly known as WWE Diva, Victoria and TNA Knockout, Tara.

Lisa Marie Varon banner

Be sure to meet her and pick up some autographed memorabilia at the Shock Pop Comicon. It’s happening February 13th to the 15th. Look for her banner.

The 2014 CAPCOM Cup happens this weekend

If you’re into fighting games, especially Street Fighter IV, there’s something very cool going on Saturday at The Warfield in San Francisco! It’s the CAPCOM Cup: An annual fighting game tournament that’s the finale of a year-long professional tour.

Everyone who wants to see it live can buy tickets here. Otherwise, make sure to get together with friends and watch the broadcast on Twitch or right on the CAPCOM Cup website.

We’ve been doing cool things for CAPCOM the last few years (thanks to a referral from Alex Valle of level|up series) – the latest work being the Cup and CAPCOM Pro Tour websites. Here’s to many more.

Olive Branch Counseling Centers can now update their website

Think about the last time you needed to make changes to your own website. Chances are, you had to call your designer, make a request, wait, and pay. This process makes sense if you need a whole new page or section. However, there’s almost no reason to go through it when you only want to change a word or photo.

Olive Branch Counseling Centers wanted the ability to update their counselor list, biographies, and more. Their old site required the skills of a web designer to make changes like this. So they commissioned us to recreate their existing site in WordPress. Now, when they hire a new counselor and want to place them on their website, Olive Branch staff can simply log in, follow a few easy-to-understand steps, and click update.

As a bonus, their new site is responsive. It automatically and elegantly resizes to fit desktops, tablets, and phones.

If this sounds like something you’d like for your own website, please give us a call.

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